I love that now I don't have to make compromises (you'll see what I mean)
I had decided long ago that I wouldn't live with my guy/boyfriend/husband before we got married.
No, I'm not saying I wouldn't sleep with him. I mean that I wouldn't move in with him.
But I had given that up with Jonathan.
Well not anymore people! That dream is BACK!

I love that I'm doing a 12 page paper and my motivation to finish each page is that once one page is done (single spaced) that I can then go and sew for a little bit. It excited me that I'm so involved in my creativity now-much more than I used to be.

You know what else? I love that on Saturday my best friend comes back from Africa! I can't wait to hear all about her adventures, and the baby elephants and giraffes that she got to see. It's been extremely difficult going through this break up without her (and for the first few days without my mom), and I'm glad that's about to end!

And! I'm giving a presentation on Wednesday (which is also the day that my paper is due) in my class, which is literally called Death, Dying, and Grieving. And I for once am presenting about the loss of my brother (my mother had a miscarriage), and I'm actually looking forward to sharing with the class. I'm sharing pictures, and really I'm just sharing my heart along with some facts.

I love that this week I'm going from replacing one meal with a protein shake to two meals. I'm excitedish because...for once I'm taking control of my weight in a non-destructive way. It's about flippin time I stopped hating the way I look. And honestly...I don't!
Cause have you seen me lately?
Oh honey, yes.



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