write about what you know.
I feel like the easiest way to learn about someone is to see what they choose to surround themselves with.
So here you go (remember to click on the pictures, it makes them bigger and lets you read the captions):
----What I see a lot----
Lately I've been lying in bed and dealing with a lot of stuff going in my mind and heart...These are the songs that I listen to every night at 1 in the morning:
-3 am by Matchbox Twenty (acoustic version)
-Butterfly Fly Away by Miley Cyrus
-Virginia Bluebell by Miranda Lambert
-How He Loves by John Mark Mcmillan
-Beautiful Things by Gungor
-She Talks To Angels by the Black Crows (acoustic version)

Things I have on my camera roll (ie things that I've taken pictures of on my iPod):
Random stuff:
I'm in college right now, and honestly (and I mean honestly, it goes against my nature to say this), I'm scared of running into a friend of a friend who is the type of person to stay super angry. He is, at me, and my friend. And he's known to stalk people. ie legit stalk. And I just really don't feel like him coming up to me at school and starting yelling. Which I could see him doing. It's made me decide to carry protection (no, not condoms), just as a threat. And I don't appreciate having to make that decision.

I'm in Biology 102, and my mom got me a Toy Story 3 stretchy book cover. It is beyond beast, and makes me continually happy.

In Creative Writing [another class], my teacher is having us keep a notebook of ideas and quotes, and anything that inspires us. I love it. 

I made friends in my sign language class! And found out other people get lost too, and forget signs for stuff! 

I've stopped having one on one time with my friends who live here.

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