Combine that with my randomness, and you get to know this weird fact:

When I'm stressed, I look at odd stuff on the internet (GASP. no not porn, get your mind out of the gutter. go take a shower or something)
For instance, I spent a while on a website that sells only wall decals/pretty flippin cool wallpaper. and I saw this gem of a thing, and THEN I read the description which was just great. (you guys have figured out that you can click on the picture to make it bigger, si?)
I also take random screen captures. 1. the tab title made me laugh. 2. how are you supposed to clean such a thing!?!?!
Lastly, but not leastly I look at random baby stuff. My neighbor Amy has three girls (they're awesome, they have their pictures on my photography page) and when all of them were babies she used the Moby Wrap(its a cloth baby carrier that you wrap around your body.) She loved it, they loved it, I was fascinated by it. Had no clue how it worked. However, with my recent day of stressfulness I have now watched multiple youtube videos of how to tie it, and even decided which one I want! 
Yeah. I'm not pregnant. Or engaged. Or even currently attached to another human being. Nor do I see myself being any of these things...well. I don't want to say ever. However I'd love to be pregnant one day! And once I have my baby, I am so getting this thing! Yeah...I even know which one I want. They have so many options! And have you seen the TOMS shoes made for little ones!?!?! Come on! Doesn't it just want to make you start having babies? no? just me? Well that's cool then.

I promise one of these days to dive deep into my soul and write a blog not just about "me me me". And because I really have been failing to not write about just myself, here's a great poem:

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