never sounded so good. Yesterday one of my good friends sat down and started talking me, and I've found myself thinking about what he said on and off today. In the past, tipsy words have normally been things I wish I could forget about or things I truly wish I didn't hear (people my parent's age making sexual jokes = major ew), but these words were great. 

He said that if I happened to have a hole in my heart because one of my best friends recently moved away, to reach out to his wife for help filling it, because she truly enjoys me and our friendship. 

So simple and straightforward. 
So needed.

What made all this especially cool? This week has been difficult. I feel like I've been dying for someone to notice me. To want to hear from me. For someone to ask something more in depth than
"how's school?". For someone to care. So what he was saying was just...especially meaningful and awesome. (side note: I bet a lot of people feel that way, ie like they're only good for the usual questions. We all need to start really seeing people)

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