is what I am going to try and plan out. And then execute with much triumph and frustration! My basic plan that I have formulated with the help of my one of my very best friends, and one of my favorite blondes, is to basically blog about different categories/sections/goals of my life as a way to accomplish one goal (journaling) and to be accountable, even if it is only to my computer screen. 

Thus far the goals I can think of (and want to focus on currently, more will be added later, because let's face it, life changes) are:
  • stretching/contortion.
  • writing
  • running
  • God/reading the Bible and other christian books. shout out to Captivating!/hearing from Him/our relationship
  • drawing
  • volunteering
I would love to include photography and music on the list, but I just don't want to overload myself even more. Going from chilling to actually busy and needing to time manage in my life will be difficult. and if God provides a job for me!! Now that'll be crazy. awesome. ie: CRAZY AWESOME.

thoughts on things I've forgotten?
think it can happen?
you know my number :)

PS. if you feel like stalking slash you're super bored slash you just love me [you know I love you too!] this is all on a new page at the top of this one. It's called 'Goals'.

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