I've been reminiscing the last few days, or more like remembering, I feel like 'reminiscing' gives the impression of fond memories. I went to the same school from 2nd to 12th grade, and participated in gym class every year. Before and after school care were both head in the gym as well, and also lunch and really any free period you could normally escape to the gym. During free periods you were supposed to be helping a teacher grade papers or make copies or do some sort of busy work, but a lot of kids just hung out in the gym and had the gym teacher sign off that they were helping. Or if they saw our assistant principal (Mr. Cross, for those of you who know what I'm talking about) coming they would slip out a side door until he was gone. Clearly we were good kids.
Do you ever just start thinking about this stuff, the random memories from high school and even before? I remember being in that same gym jumping rope in 2nd grade and wearing super loose shorts under my jumper (hunter green and super warm in the summers, with red and yellow plaid. what can I say, it was sexy) and the shorts just falling right down. I was...slightly mortified, but I'm pretty sure I remember laughing. That was one of the nice things about jumpers I guess, if your shorts ever fell down you were covered. The bad thing about jumpers/long skirts? When you have a bottom locker and you accidentally kneel on your skirt (or the person above you stands on it) and you are unaware of this and go to stand up? Yeah, you awkwardly fall over sideways, not quite catching yourself gracefully because of the books you are carrying. 
But that gym!
I remember yelling in it, dribbling a basketball a ton in it, running laps until I wished I would just keel over and die in it...a lot of memories. 
Until I was in 7th or 8th grade I spent all of my summers in summer camp, which was held at my school with most of the same kids I went to school with, and the random kids that either got kicked out of other summer camps or were staying with their grandparents/other parent had them for the summer. 
We went to the movies and to the pool once or twice a week, and other than that, we were in that gym. 8 hours a day. You brought a backpack full of stuff and camped out against a wall. They only had bleachers all along one wall, which were tipped upward but actually made for a great amount of fun, because you could climb all over them. Imagine this thing but ours were twice the size:
Many a kid got hurt, including myself, it was pretty easy to slip when you were running alone the top one away from someone, and because they had the sharp corners, eventually someone had to bleed. But isn't that what summer camp was about?

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