I put up a few "I'm thankful for:" facebook status updates in the past week in anticipation of doing this blog post, where I thought I'd put a few more. I've also been toying with the idea of really laying it out, and listing tons of stuff. I wasn't going to do it because: it would be too long and time consuming and I'd have to leave some stuff out out of necessity. Also, if I list my actual friends...that would be weird, right? Like...2 of them will read this...so would it really matter?

But I think what trumps all of this is:
If you're really thankful for something/someone...why not write it down, even if it is just for yourself, as a reminder that hey, you're thankful for this person!
So yes. I'm going to do a list. Even though...about 3 people I actually know will read it. But its the thought that counts darnit! 

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