At least that's what they lyrics are to a song I used to adore in high school.

Here I am, at age 22, and I'm advising someone on how to not have drama in their friendships. 

How did I get here and when did I arrive!?!
This is craziness, but don't worry, I can't let it go to my head because I have had so much drama in so many friendships/relationships that it's about time I actually learned something from it. 

So my view on all this, if you're wondering is:
Well. As a girl I happen to know that we all talk. Maybe it's gossip, maybe it's not. Maybe it's harmless sharing about how much we love our other friends. Or how we're concerned for them. Or how it's amazing how intense their farts are, and how maybe we could all chip in for gas masks for the group ;)

Either way, we may or may not cluck like hens. (Unless that's an offensive term, then WE DO NOT CLUCK and WE ARE NOT POULTRY). But taking into account all the talking that we do, I find that rules are good. For example, if Veronica and I talk about how much we love Stephanie, and later on I meet with Stephanie, I find that it's okay to tell her what we said. 
If we were talking about how Stephanie shaved her head and looks like Brittany Spears, and then I hang out with Stephanie and tell her about it? Well that's not cool. Now if I want to say that her hair makes her look like she's on crack, that's fine. But bring another friend into it?
My main thing is to never bring in an outside person unless you've previously agreed on it. Veronica is one of my best friends, so yes, I do talk to her a ton. I vent. This can't be helped. I know a lot of girls who say "oh, just don't talk bad about fill in the blank" And that's great. 
For them.
Cause I certainly can't do it. 

I am more likely to say nice things, because honestly, and here's my second piece of advice:
I've chosen my friends.
So should you.
If your friends don't act like they consider you as a friend, it's time to get rid of them or talk to them about it. 
I've heard one of my friends say often how one of his guy friends treats him like crap. And to me, you know what that sounds like?
Not a friend.
In fact, not even a person I would talk to, go out of my way to hang out with, or even associate myself with. 

Friends really do affect you. Friends who inspire negative feelings in your heart, you should really consider if they are in fact your friend.
Even if they make you feel good, maybe they are not good for you.
How do you know?
Ask those around you. 

Fun guidelines! 
If you are more likely to:
a. snort something
b. inject something
c. steal something
d. drive drunk
e. throw up
f. get arrested
g. not act like yourself/not be true to yourself
h. lie
when you are with them, they are bad for you.
Just sayin. 
My 2 cents!


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