In my last blog post, I stated that I don't believe that God made rules. I only believe, with my whole heart, that He loves us. 
And that's the truth.
I feel like so many people think that Christianity is just about rules, and if you break them, BOOM, to hell you go! 

But personally...I don't think it's about rules. You don't go to hell if you break a rule. It truly helps me to just think of everything like children. I made the 4 year old I watch hold my hand when we cross the street. Yup, it's a rule. He might be ok if he doesn't, that's just the truth. But in actuality, he can't see over cars like I can. And he's way too busy jumping around to be truly aware of his surroundings.

Our way is fine.
God's way's better.
And I don't want a mediocre life. 
I want a crazy awesome life full of helping people and lots of love and this outlandish memories that end in laughter. Or in tears. 
As long as it's to the fullest, I am so there. 

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