I...have a quandary. And it turned out I did not know how to spell the word 'quandary', thank you intense somewhat rude red line thingy that always points out my mistakes! Now if only they had one of those in real life...hehehe.
Back to quandary. Which I am now pronouncing 'quan-dairy' in my mind. When do you tell someone that they've hurt you? And I don't mean 'wow, you said something kind of rude, but it's okay cause you didn't know' hurt you, I mean 'wow. that hurt deep. and I don't even want to respond to what you just said cause I'm too busy hurting' sort of thing. 
I find we all have these.
 These little things that if you mention or say, hurts us deep. I wonder if they all have to do with our love languages? That would be pretty interesting. 
One of my friends, if you mention one of her family members...well she's out of that conversation. Off limits my friend. Don't go there.
I could make a longer list. I have around 5 people off the top of my head that I know what not to joke about. No way jose.
And I found one in my own heart tonight. Which totally sucks and it's one of those things I wish I could just 'get over', and I'm sure I will. Friends are friends, and if they didn't meant to hurt you, you forgive them. But when do you choose to have some...um...guts, and step up and say "Hey. That really hurt, cause I was trying to show you love, and instead it failed". 
Or "don't talk about my cousin" or "making jokes about my dad isn't cool" or...whatever it is inside your heart that hurts when it's poked?
When do you choose to open up, and when do you choose to stay closed? 
I just don't know anymore. Because at this point both seem to be encouraged, depending on who I talk to.

PS. Random Rambling: I had a great day. My mom got to meet two awesome people (who are apart of my epic monday group) and we got to spend some time in the car driving back and forth to DC a few times, and I had a great monday and watched the movie Date Night which was awesome stuff. I love being with a group of friends and laughing at some of the same stuff, and realizing that you all have a great sense of humor. And I had like, a liter of Mountain Dew, which makes everything better always.

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