I love PostSecret* (an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.) Enough that I have many that I can relate to or love, or just think are hilarious saved on my computer. It's such a bonding experience for me to sit down and share with someone about PostSecret that I did a presentation on it in college with slides covered in secrets. Some of these have struck a chord with me, some I agree with completely, and some just remind me of certain people. Secrets can't always be taken at face value...at least not for me anyways. 

A Gandalf voice is needed for this next statement: 
But in the name of transparency I give you these, and with them a glimpse into 'me'. 
(fake seriousness makes me giggle)

PS. If I happen to know you or you just happen to be reading this and looking at the pictures and are wondering "Hey, I wonder how she can relate to that one" Then...you should ask me about it. Cause I'd love to share/have a conversation with you!

PPS. Although I personally didn't write any of these, 4 of them may as well be mine, I hold them that close to my heart/can relate to them that well. Thought I'd share  :)


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