Prompt numero uno: One Word. Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2011 for you? 
My life in 2010, in one word:
This year has been crazy amazing when it comes to love. In fact, to truly explain I'm gonna have to brake it down using pictures, and as always, explain some people to you. I feel like my life is all about people. And I'm ok with that. 
My best friend. Wow it's crazy what we've been through. This year our relationship has grown leaps and bounds, and God has been shining through it especially bright this year. She is easily one of the most steadfast things in my life, something I haven't even told her. Our love has grown and changed like something that was in the dark but striving toward the light. It's awesome and I love it (just like the rest of these people/relationships mentioned under here).
Oh purple. I love that I can represent him as a color in my mind and on here! My first guy friend that has treated me right, and that is saying something. This year I have gone from looking up to him and finding it hard to even talk in his presence, to loving how human he is and wanting to talk with him nonstop. He is the 2nd fastest I've ever bonded to someone (the first being Sister May, in two months one summer) and 2010 was the growth-spurt of our friendship. Our friendship is lovely. And takes work. But at the end of the day you know you've found a true friend when you chill on the hood of a car and just look at the sky. 
Pickles + Pocket Frogs! Oh my. My favorite couple and the absolute newest friendship of this year, Pickle has become my 'here' best friend, hands down. This is a friendship that I absolutely cherish. I have also found a friend and true older brother in Pocket Frogs, and the awesome stuff just keeps on coming from those two! These are two people that you can lay your heart and all its beautiful ugliness on the table without fear of it being looked down upon, and that is saying something. 
I feel like this section is the nitty gritty (to quote Nacho Libre). This year has been my first year learning to love myself. This haircut has been difficult for me, I never realized how much I valued my hair until it was gone, turns out it was one of the only things I liked about my outward appearance. More importantly: God has been doing some stuff guys. Great stuff. The only way I can describe it feels like a small tree has taken root inside of me, and it's growing with this feeling of 'Okay'. As in, I'm finally okay with the me God made me to be. I'm quiet and loud and love quality time. I'm learning that I am loved, even when I don't feel like I am. I'm finally embracing the me in God, the adventuresome, crazy, happy and sad person who He made beautiful! Beautiful on the outside is a hard thing to believe, and understand that the wonderful tree inside is small. But boy is it rooted in there. 

Last but not least,

Are the people not mentioned with a weird picture in the paragraphs above. My girls as always, Kevin and Sombrero, they are and continue to be a steadfast part of my life. Sombrero, our relationship has been strengthened over this year like WOAH, I love being able to come to her with some of my big problems, but also just concerns and frustrations. She never fails to handle them with ease and caring. 

My honorary roommates are part of my new friend group, and they are some great girls that I absolutely know God has great plans for their life. Which sounds so cliche, but is so true! These are girls that I love spending quality time with, and I've learned that they enjoy me, which is crazy stuff! Friends for a short while, but nonetheless friends that I could call late at night, and they'd be there. 

And Sister May. You are awesome beyond words. As are you Cris to the Ten. My far away peeps, I love you both and this year has brought changes to our lives that have been awesome. You are two people that God has always put on my heart to just love, and know that yall love me. (this blog post has changed tones throughout. Sorry random blog readers, I'm getting emotional!) (hehehe)

Next years word:
It's gonna happen. That tree is gonna keep on growing, and I'd tell you my dreams of what will come next year, but God's plans are just so much bigger!
12/6/2010 01:36:37 am

Oh yo!
Everyday?! BEAST!
Can't wait.


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