Kelle, the author of one of my favorite blogs 'Enjoying the Small Things' encouraged her reader's today:
"Make a mini bucket list--just this week. What are you going to cross off your list? Celebrate with me this Friday. Print off your list, hang it somewhere you'll see it, and cross things off with bright markers."

      So here's mine! 

1. Super try and own how you look, and love how you look, with or without make-up!
2. Pack up the things that you never wear, even if that means having to hide a ton of stuff around your room/under your bed/wherever you can fit it
3. Paint Jonathan a beautiful birdhouse that he can start saving his money in (pictures on this once it's done!)
4. Use watercolors out in nature, either on a front porch, or even on a rock while Jonathan fishes 5.
5. Talk to 2 different people in class for more than a few sentences. The teacher doesn't count for this one! Make sure to remember names. 
6. Wear fun earrings to school!
7. Try and wear contacts at least once, avoidance isn't the answer!

and because of number uno, I give you a picture I took recently, and quite enjoy even though I'm not wearing make-up!
I look tired, but I was happy, and that's what it's all about!

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