Prompt number 5 (you're not going crazy, I skipped #4):Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?
When I read this I knew exactly who I had let go of this year. I have never let go of a friendship so completely as this person.
---> The only other person I have strived to let go of a friendship with is my past, current, and future best friend. She and I have a history of banishing our friendship (or at least trying to), and I thank God that isn't in our present or future. During all those time of fighting and trying to ignore the huge hole in my life without her there, I never actually accomplished not missing her and wishing she was in my life. And she was always across the country missing me. 
That being said, this is different. The friendship I let go of late this year is something I don't have to try and keep out of my mind, because it never really comes up.

Why did I let it go? She had already let the friendship go, but wasn't ready to admit that. She didn't want to hang out anymore, and was no longer interested in being friends. Sometimes...actions really do speak louder than words. We're fine, still facebook friends (hahahaha. so stupid), and I'm sure when I see her next she'll act friendly. I hate that THIS is what my blog post is about, but sometimes life gets ugly and messy, and you just have to deal with it. Sad but true. 

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