that sometimes I'm most thankful for:
+the friends who are excited to give you your birthday present
+the mom who Clorox's the phone immediately after you hang up [because you're so sick]
+the cat who falls asleep while waiting for you outside your bathroom door while you take a shower
+the other cat who falls asleep in the random box and starts purring as soon as you pet him
+the dog who has gone deaf but is beastly at understanding sign language
+friends who will text whole conversations and help you work through stuff
+always having coke in the house
+the God who is so big but continues to love YOU. and me. and them.
+Christians in Egypt protecting Muslims as they pray
+friends who want to get Skype cause they miss your face
+friends who aren't excited about their birthday but are excited for yours
+all green lights
+$1 Snoopy socks at Target
+free martial arts/self-defense class every Sunday at church
+Christian employers 
+ginger kids, big and small
+praying and knowing God hears and cares
+babies growing big and strong*
+far away best friend being close in your heart
+Troy Polamalu's hair

*I'm going to be a nanny for twins who are due in March, and they're doing really good!

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