I’ve been inspired to write about friendships because really, they effect (affect?) (ah-fekt?) everything about my life. The friendships I have at Mason show themselves in small amounts, such as sitting on a bench outside of class and sharing with each other how fed up you are with the teacher. Having a girl call you over because she knows she can talk to you and you’ll explain the assignment as best you can. Maybe these are acquaintances. Maybe acquaintances are just whispers of friendship. Friendships are just...mad important. I’ve realized that I’m so in love with Jonathan because he is my best friend. I fight with him like we’re friends, I gossip with him, I share with him, and I joke with him just like friends. If we weren’t friends, we wouldn’t have a relationship worth working on with as much love, acceptance, and sheer stubbornness as we do.

If I don’t spend time talking with a friend and connecting, I notice my life changes. The sky is always as blue, but I don’t feel like reaching up and twining my fingers in the clouds with as much passion. My relationships suffer and my passions dim just a bit. I miss the jokes and the laughter, and the sheer realness that friendships are. And please understand me, I find the rays of sunshine from friends shining out of my parents in a shared joke, out of my Jonathan when we walk into a conveniece store and automatically no where the other is going and where we’ll meet again, and even in my animals when we haven’t seen each other for a while, and the joy that both of us share when we do get to spend some time together [and ears are ruffled and scratched and faces are licked].
So basically...friends are great. They can be a pain in the ass and a source of hurt, but they can also be a joy that you feel deep in your heart.

All of them are great at being a friend in one way or another. And it’s in those quirks that I’ve learned what friendship is.
The friend who asks you the hard question straight to your face, with confidence in your friendship reflected in their voice.
The one who brings your favorite candy back to the car without being asked.
The ones who are more excited for your life than you are - the ones that make you believe in yourself again simply because they believe in you so hard.
The friend who oozes passion and makes you want to draw, or paint, or simply love again.

It’s these things that make me want to stand up and say “hey. You’re not being a friend, because trust me, I know what a friend is!” and even more so, it’s them that I think of when confronted with a situation and I don’t know how to act. Or care. They’ve shown me how to truly care because of their actions.

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