The last time I said that to a significant other, it was because I felt it.

Now when I say it to Jonathan, it's because I feel it.
And I choose to love him.
And I choose to make my words and actions and facial expressions and judgements reflect that I love him. (I mess up a lot with this)
I forgive him because I love him. (I'm forgiven because he loves me)
And for once in a relationship (even though this is only my second one),
I am not scared that he will leave.
Because he loves me.
And he is committed to loving me.

We both agree that it is easier to leave, and harder to stay.
And we both want to stay, and face the hardship and sometimes the yelling, and the hang-ups, and the "I'm sorry"s and the stupid things the other says and does.
And a lot of time it's really difficult.
And a lot of the time it's really easy.
Because I love him.

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