partly because I was way too OCD to wear them when I had a lot of hair, and because I miss my hair so much that it feels better when I have something on my head. However on a plus side, I think everyone has to do something crazy with their hair at least once. And I've wanted to shave my head for ages (no, I did not go that far), but now I know that I won't enjoy that. 
I almost have enough money to get another tattoo. The one next on my list was to go on the back of my neck, which could have easily been hidden by my now I might opt for one on my shoulder. I currently have an outline of a sun on my left shoulder blade, and my next one would be on my right shoulder blade, and it would also be roundish, so I think it would even it out nicely without being matchy. Exciting stuff...

I also found Pandora today. As one of my best friends would say "yummy" (shout out to Sister May for the random vocab). I'm in love with it. For. Serious.

This week has been uber busy, and will continue to be until Saturday. Busy and stressful enough for me to not really be communicating with people, and when I do it is literally me sitting in front of my screen forcing myself, telling myself that I would not appreciate it if someone took a week or two to email me back. I'm taking a weekend class, and the first class was last friday, and the 450 point midterm is this Saturday. Which I still haven't studied for. Because I'm busy taking care of my mother and demo-ing (haha. I like that spelling of the word better than the correct one) a room in our house. And cleaning the house. And trying to make dinner. And randomly moving things from friends houses. And trying to study!?!?! So it's just kind of one of those weeks where your brain never shuts up because you SHOULD be doing so much other stuff but so much stuff needs to be done right NOW and you end up dreaming about Will Ferrell playing a character in one of your dreams, and about things being wrapped in bacon? And searching a school for who knows what. Ha.

The upside to my week? Getting to talk to one of my close friends and feeling like I was *heard*. Being pulled onto a pile of other close friends against my will by the boys in our group and actually not crushing anyone. Hearing God and actually taking the time to stop and Listen. and Follow. I met with the principal of a school and talked to her about volunteering and leading reading groups and she was just amazingly helpful and so receptive of me. So that should start in a few weeks. Demo-ing the room is fun. Stressful but fun. Having to organize and clean and buy and make executive decisions and doing it all while trying to not meltdown is difficult but so rewarding. I actually went to Home Depot and talked with one of the guys who works there and he told me all about how to rip up carpet and just everything that goes along with that. 

Also! Was able to take out a screw that my Dad couldn't. Sure he "loosened it for me"...if that's what makes him sleep better at night  :)

Cats are lovely. Also I met a great dog and it was one of those moments where you just need to feel loved and you don't even realize it till you receive love and your heart cries out like it's tasting water for the first time after you've been in a desert! (I decided to be very dramatic there. Go with it!) I was sitting outside of my friend's soon to be previous apartment and this beagle came up and sat on my lap and cuddled and wouldn't get off even when her owner was sort of embarrassed that her own dog wouldn't listen to her and get off of me. I got many kisses. It was great stuff and I had a huge smile on my face for a long while!

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