[wow I've been talking/thinking about that a lot lately]

The Holy Spirit always leads me back to the basics when I'm at a complete and utter loss of what to do and how to feel, and especially now that my heart is hurting so much.
Tonight the basics that are especially hitting home are forgiveness and love. Forgive because He first forgave us and love each other as we love ourselves.
Through those this thought has occurred and grown in my mind: maybe I keep having the same fight over the same thing and I keep having more and more trouble forgiving over the same thing and hurting more and more each time because I never truly forgave in the first place. 
I've been saying "I forgive you" or even "there's nothing to forgive" but the truth is...I'm hurt.
Things have changed.
A line was crossed and the things that are unsaid are making a gap that is growing wide.

And here I am, still learning how to forgive when I thought I had accomplished it a long time ago. 

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