Catalyst. 2010. I leave on Wednesday for a long ass ride to Georgia (from VA) with my church. Well technically, my old church (oh awkward fun), and I am psyched! 

Last time:
I sat in between 2 people I didn't know at all, and sat with them on the ride as well. (Michelle y Dave) and it was a constant cause of nervousness for me.
This time: I am totally close to both of those people! This year only Michelle is going, but I am so glad that she is and am so comforted by that as well!

Last time: There were 4 girls in my room, including myself. (spoiler, girl moment ahead!) And ALL of us were on our periods. I literally wanted to shoot myself in the head when I found that out, mainly when I walked into the bathroom and it was like a tampon box explosion. We all laughed over it, but I'd like to think that I saw the look of panic in everyone else's eyes as well. 
This time: That's not the case, at least not for me! 
Last time: I was not ready for the heat of Atlanta or the intense cold of the Georgia Dome.
This time: I'm bringing a winter hat, fingerless gloves, and a love of looking ridiculous. 

Last time: I was on good terms with the people in my room.
This time: Let's not talk about it...and pray that it all goes well...

Last time: Many people in the van. Also, I had a very large personal bubble.
This time: Less people, smaller bubble! 

Ok, I'm tired of this list. Suffice it to say that I'm excited. I'm going to explore more on my own, or at least not wait to go with other people, if and when they wanted to go. Also last time I used the journal that the Catalyst peeps provided, which I knew better than to do. It was all pretty and had pictures, so half way through my deep personal revelation that God had just put in my heart I would be all "oh wow the cover is pink!" So this time? Nope. My own journal. Or maybe notebook. Either way, it will be boring. And I will only have one color of pen (black. cause once you go black...ha.) cause then I won't be tempted to color.

Also, I'm pretty much drooling over the fact that Jon Acuff will be there. He's the author of the blog 'Stuff Christians Like' which I just absolutely love. It's not just funny [it is though], it just...speaks to me. There have been many times of coming home from church having not heard anything, and going and reading his blog archives and finding something that speaks to my heart. Also, the founder of 'To Write Love on Her Arms' will be there. And WOW. That's just so awesome. I'd love to be able to thank him (Jamie) from 16/17 year old me, who needed to hear Renee's story. I don't think I'm going to get to hear either one of these guys talk, but hey, maybe they'll have a booth. And if they do, well I'll find it. I'm gonna be in full super stalker mode looking for these two people. It's on Jamie and Jon. 


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