I admitted to my friend that I recently learned that I ramble when I'm nervous and talking about something meaningful to give my mind a break from being stressed, and you know what he said?
"yeah, I know"
That shocked me! Here I was just learning this and working through it, and he had known for a long time. I wish he had told me!
Another one of my friends shared with me yesterday that she doesn't feel feminine, and here I was for years considering her way more feminine and confident then I am. And that's just true. Her body is rockin, she has gorgeous hair, and these Angelina Jolie lips that are insane (but not obnoxious).Now I'm the one wishing I had told her!
Over the summer two of the girls in my small group shared that they find me very peaceful and my voice very soothing. And that is one of the small group times that I keep close to my heart, because I have needed to hear that for what seems like ages. I've always felt called to be a source of peace, but I've also always felt like such a thunderstorm with my feelings that I would never be able to bring anyone peace or even portray it and comfort someone with it. Many of my friends have since echoed their statements, not out of knowing that I would love to hear that and have it be true, but because it literally is true in their lives, I am a source of comfort and stability for them.
All of this rambling and example giving is leading to my point, of which you've probably already guessed:
what are we not saying?
what are we not expressing to our loved ones that they need to hear?

And I would love to say that it's all about saying how much you love someone, but sometimes people do need a confidence boost when it comes to their bodies. The picture at the beginning of this blog post was my laptop's wallpaper for a while, because I used it for motivation not to eat. We live in this world where we feel inferior because of our bodies, and most of us have something about our physical being that we would like to change or are just plain ole feelin insecure about. I'm gonna hit you with some more examples, because they're just so present on my mind that I need to share.

When I was working concession at the movie theater a few weeks ago, these two girls told me that they loved my hair. And that was so awesome, because I was feeling majorly insecure that day because hats aren't allowed and I'm not always a fan of my short hair. And that day I especially wasn't. So those comments put the largest smile on my face.

I complimented my friend the other day on how skinny she looked, which was a very nonchalant compliment for me, because the girl is skinny! Well she goes "Oh my goodness, I'm feeling so big today, thank you for saying that!!" 

One of my guy friends thinks that he is too skinny, and that always blows my mind. I love that he's thin, and I think its attractive. As do other girls, because lets face it, girls talk about boys when they're not around. At the end of the day, he makes me feel even more protected then my other guy friends, and that's just the truth!

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