I've been reading a ton of blogs lately, but one of my usual favorite haunts is Kelle Hampton's blog 'Enjoying The Small Things', and BOY is she inspiring. The joy that shines through her and her children is amazing. Her youngest daughter is Nella, and she has Down Syndrome, and although technically she is disabled, she is amazing. And not just for someone who has down syndrome, but for any little girl. 
It is so cool to watch these families and friends of families rally around these little people. And something that I've noticed...
they are so full of joy.

And it's made me think, because what we shoot for in America is the right car, the right marriage, the right house, the right kids. But look at us, we're super high in divorce rates, general unhappiness with our life, our job, and our kids. We struggle with weight because eating makes us happy (seriously. pasta = happiness).

But looking at these families, and especially this now blog that I found who features a family with a disabled child every friday (I think?), well their faces...
full of joy.
Shouting of joy!
And they are not perfect, in fact, they have to work harder then the rest of us, but they do and I think in that, in the fight, there is joy. I think when things aren't easy, and you have to fight for your child, and go out of your way to help her or him...
there is joy.

And maybe this post has made no sense, and maybe all I kept repeating was "joy!", but I'm inspired by these families and these awesome children and...that's all I have to say about that.

PS. The Blogs!
This Little Miggy Stayed Home  <--- Seriously. So great
Enjoying The Small Things  <--- Love love love

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