"Calling out somebody save me i feel like i'm fading away
Am i gone?
Calling out somebody save me i feel like i'm fading" 

-City by Sara Bareilles

There are times, moments, hours and days when I wonder if I'm real. I look at my cat and wonder if he knows I'm there.
-I'm here, right?

I feel easily ignored by a lot of people in my life. 
I could lie and say most of this isn't caused by facebook 
        -but it is
Questions going unanswered, queries of future hangouts left hanging in the air
A social networking sight shouldn't effect me like this
               -and yet here we are

It's times like these where I am very aware of how much I rely on other people. How much I do not rely on God. How much stress would be gone if facebook were no more in my life. How sometimes my neediness comes out full force when I feel ignored.

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