when you're there.

A concept I know, but have not learned.
An idea that I like but have not mastered.

This week I am in Texas [instead of Virginia] and I have that concept in the back of my mind all the time. Normally I would be trying to force my friendships in VA, texting and facebooking trying to keep up with the people I cannot physically keep up with, and thus missing out on all the Texans I am actually with. Not this time however. This time I fight the balance of staying in touch with my boyfriend, and everything else goes toward my friends/family HERE. And it really is quite the balancing act, especially as I always hate it when I'm hanging out with people and phones are constantly being texted on: somehow I end up in that category quite a bit.
------>This technology generation scares me sometimes. I want my children to be able to skype with their grandparents, but I want them to run around more than text. I want them to not think that their parents always hold their phone instead of the other's hand. This is important to me.

So I am here knowing, living, breathing that the phone cannot take the place of my boyfriend's arms yet somehow still clinging to it, because that is the little bit of him I have here. At the same time I am here with my friends and I want them to see my eyes looking and smiling at them MUCH more than I look and smile at my phone. I am determined. So I go and catch quick conversations with him when I can, and I've learned that if I wait for the opportunity it will not arise, so I have to make the time and know that it is for the good of my trip if I get to talk with him (actually TALK with him) once a day.

+++++++As a quick side note I am loving it here, I fit back in with these people effortlessly, and I love it. I cannot use the word love enough because I truly mean it. I am hanging out with Christians that will love me no matter what and I feel the need to point that out because it is so easy (and happens so often) to hear about Christians who do NOT show unconditional love, but they are out there and they are awesome, let me tell you! And my friends here have surrounded themselves in a church that does seem to be unconditional, which is great.

And that is the end of this post. It was a quick update on balance and what I spend time thinking about here, while I am in the lovely state of EVERTHING'S BIGGER IN TEXAS Y'ALL.




It's been almost a month since I last blogged, and that scares me a bit. I'm not losing myself in this new relationship, but I definitely notice that I don't do all of the things that I used to do like hang out as much, blog & read.
It's weird.
I also do a lot of things that I didn't use to do, like lounge around and just enjoy someone's pressense, watch random movies that I don't choose & interact with rednecks [hahahaha][it's true though].