Just kidding, there's 4. This is a blog post to celebrate the return of my computer from Belgium and God putting a bunch of stuff on my heart. So in this blog post there's a lot! Let me hear some thoughts if you're so inclined! 
I can't turn a blind eye to these women, we are connected, soul to soul.
There is a saying in Haitian Kreyol "tout moun se moun" that means "every person is a person" and that speaks volumes to me. I've realized that even though that is TRUE, people don't get treated like that. Like every person is of equal value. If I get raped here in America and choose to go to the police, I can have my attacker arrested and potentially locked up if they can trace his DNA. In the Congo women are raped and tortured repeatedly, and the men who do this to babies, children, teens, women, older women, and yes even grandmothers aren't put to justice. No one traces their DNA. ----> That wouldn't happen in America. So why aren't we helping?

Isn't every person a person?
Doesn't everyone deserve help?
If you don't know about rape in the Congo and how it's used as a weapon of war, you should check this out. Be informed.

I understand that it's not pretty and we feel helpless, but so do they.
Before World War II, I'm sure there were whispers of what Hitler was doing. 

People knew, but they didn't want to know. 
I watch movies of the Holocaust and I see pictures of concentration camps and my heart cries out "Why did you wait? Why did it take so many people dying and families being ripped apart?" and I don't want to one day look back on my life, and my generation, and see that we saw, but we didn't SEE. 
We knew, but we didn't want to know.
I do not completely relate to the song 'Fire & Rain' by James Taylor. Yet I connect soul to soul to the mourning that is expressed through this song, and I hear myself mourn right along. I know it's random, but it does get to me, that we're not singing about the same thing in our hearts but I'm connecting so much with the song anyway. I love that humans can connect with each other without experiencing the same thing, because at our core we can relate. 

Loss of a heart to heart relationship. 
Feeling lost and alone.
Feeling insignificant. 
Loving someone who doesn't love you. 

These are a few of the things that everyone can relate to. I was riding the metro the other day and I was sad, and it occurred to me that I could turn to the person next to me and say "I'm really sad because I found out the hard way that it's true what they say, that you can't be friends with your ex. We broke up ages ago but the friendship just ended, and it feels like my heart has been broken all over again" and you know what?
I bet they'd know what I was talking about.
Everyone has had their heart broken.

A revelation and change of attitude and heart!
Here's a vlog, cause I don't feel like sitting down and typing everything out 
This book pisses me off.
And by "pisses me off" I mean makes me angry at myself and discontent with the state of my heart and actions frequently. 
I started reading it in Belgium, with the intent of finishing it and going on to read four other books within the span of the four weeks I was there (which is completely possible for me), but no. This book requires stopping and thinking, and resting and refueling, and INTROSPECTION. It talks about being a fan of Jesus or a follower of Jesus, and which one are you? Going into it I was very much like "of course I'm a follower, I've given up stuff to follow Him, and I'm committed to loving Him most in the world" and while that is still true I am realizing that I am not sold out in every aspect of my life so needless to say, this book rocked my world. And I'm not even done! 


"Calling out somebody save me i feel like i'm fading away
Am i gone?
Calling out somebody save me i feel like i'm fading" 

-City by Sara Bareilles

There are times, moments, hours and days when I wonder if I'm real. I look at my cat and wonder if he knows I'm there.
-I'm here, right?

I feel easily ignored by a lot of people in my life. 
I could lie and say most of this isn't caused by facebook 
        -but it is
Questions going unanswered, queries of future hangouts left hanging in the air
A social networking sight shouldn't effect me like this
               -and yet here we are

It's times like these where I am very aware of how much I rely on other people. How much I do not rely on God. How much stress would be gone if facebook were no more in my life. How sometimes my neediness comes out full force when I feel ignored.
PS. if you have something you think would be a cool thing/idea for me to blog about, you should let me know. Cause that'd be awesome.