Blue Line
And it’s that time again when its
Like you have the shakes and everything starts getting intense
And you don’t know if you’re tripping or detoxing
But you know that its been too long since you put words down on paper
And made them your words turned into your poem
Of your feelings
Of your humanness
Which may or may not be word but in my realm it is because it effects

And it’s time to tell you
About the blue line
Which is the train I catch
But my world is for a moment defined by a different line on the floor
A line between the train rails and
How close I should stand
Where the lights flash and people don’t stand
Because of the unspoken rule that says ‘too close!’
Signified just by being a different shade then the
Rest of the tiles on the floor
And you watch people step right up to the edge
And you wonder if they think about going closer
If they want to stand and feel the wind of the train rushing by them
And let the glow from the windows light their face
And know that they have reached that place of in-between

Just like we all have. Some people live there in their hearts
The place between being themselves and being who everyone else wants to see
Living their lives the way they want
The way they dream about
Or the way everyone else does
Staying behind the line

And I’m typing this but I miss
The days of writing my feelings
Down, not fast enough ever,
My self esteem already picking at the words written
Now I avert my eyes from the screen but in
Middle school I would write my poems fast and small
So maybe the voices inside wouldn’t tear them apart
If they couldn’t see them.

And once again I walk down the line
The opposite way of the train rushing by me
And I smile as my hair blows with the gust of wind.
And this may or may not be crap poetry, but we say crap words and we dance crap dances, and we don't worry about it. Because life is too short.

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