Pet Peeve: people telling me that I'm not good at texting back.

Why I hate it?
1. It isn't true.
2. That's their opinion. Which is wrong.
3. I text back eventually, which is different than MANY PEOPLE that I know.

If I literally never text you back, then SURE,
by all means
tell me I suck at texting back.
But let's be real here.
I will respond. I do respond. Most likely, I just don't respond when you want me to, with a level of quickness which you would appreciate.

People who suck at texting back are in fact people who 

Maybe you don't have people in your life who do this. But I have people who haven't responded to a question I asked them 2 weeks ago. I have one person who hasn't responded for 3 months. 
So when I haven't gotten back to you in 2 weeks, then talk to me, ok?
Ok :)

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