Ok. I miss my random blog posts, do you guys?
I'm sure you do. 
I can feel your joy from reading this all the way over here, and it's 
---So I'm gonna throw some thoughts at you! Ready?
You look ready.
If I use a hammer, that doesn't make me a construction worker.
If I cook that doesn't make me a chef.
And yet if you lie, you're a liar?
I don't think so.
I think if someone makes an absolute habit of lying, then DING DING DING, step right up, you're a liar!
But you lie sometimes? Yeah. I don't think that makes you a liar. 
Just my thoughts.

This time next year I'll be preparing for my last, very short semester of college. 
Previous plans that follow that have been:
Get a job a bit aways. Move out. Move in to an apartment that I shall make cute with all my DIY skills. Adopt a cat. Or 2. Oh yeah, Jonathan moves in too. I love my job and decorate my office with cool artwork, including tattoo inspired artwork, cause I'm awesome like that. Go for walks with Jonathan and bond over our days. Be a grown up.

But what about crying because I don't get to see my mom? What about all the people who will read that and say "well then why don't you just live close" (Um, it's northern virginia you dummies. If you think that someone who has no money can afford to live here, you're an idiot/just not financially aware of the struggles up here). What about missing my cats terribly? What about not getting to watch tv with my dad? Huh? HUH? HUH?

I find that the longer I'm in a relationship, the more I realize how opposites really do work well together. I've had friends who were also super deep, and although I loved them, I couldn't have been with them romantically, because our relationship would have been SUPER INTENSE. Much like our friendship.
Instead I have someone who encourages laughter and enjoying the moment.
Whereas I am deep and stress over the future.
And every day we have moments where we connect on a deep level, and we also laugh together.
And that takes work.
(And that's a relationship kids!)

I'm going to Canada in 2 months (I'm studying abroad), where I'll be for 6 weeks. The longest I've been away from home since I was 18 (ie four years ago), and the longest I've been away from Jonathan ever. My parents and friends and I, we'll skype. But he doesn't have wifi at his house, because obviously he lives in the Flintstone era. But without BamBam. 
And people keep on asking me if I'm excited. Here's the list I want to tell them:
1. Nope.
2. Actually, a little.
3. I'll love it when I'm there.
4. I'm nervous.
5. I don't want to talk about it!

People giving advice! Oh. my. goodness.
It's one of the best things about being friends with a guy, that he doesn't just automatically just give me advice.
I love my friends.
But it's hard when they give me advice about things they haven't gone through. 
Do you know why I wouldn't give you advice on how to dunk a basketball?
Because I'm 5'2 and trip over my own feet when I even try and do a lay-up. 
I wish there was a phrase that I could use that wouldn't be offensive, but would just basically mean:
Hey. Just listen. I don't need advice.
I mean, I even have random people that I'm facebook friends with messaging me and giving me advice. And I know, maybe if I was a more positive person I'd love it. But honestly, I thought it was weird. 

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