(Hopefully tomorrow, 12/13/10, I will catch up on multiple Reverb 10 blog posts, but for now, I'm doing this list that one of my friends did on her blog. It looked like fun.)

Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now:
1. You said you put 'two and two together' which may or may not mean that you've figured out my literal, biggest secret. I'm scared to ask you to clarify, because what if you actually figured it out? 

2. Sometimes I wonder if being my friend is a chore for you, if you won't let the friendship go because you're too nice of a person. It's really scary & I wish we could talk about it. Again. But if I bring it up, I'm being a chore. *guh*
3. You need to open up to people more; I'm scared that one day you're going to call me crying because you've finally broken from having so much stuff build up inside of you, and I won't have anything to say because it's not a quick fix. 
4. I love you, you are absolutely wonderful.
5. I know you had sex with your past girlfriend, and it's weird because you didn't tell me, someone else did. And you would never have confided that secret to me. It's starting to get to me, you not knowing that I know.
6. Please don't ruin my Christmas vacation just by being here. I know that you're awesome and everyone truly agrees on that subject, but when you're some place it makes me feel like I shouldn't have even come, why would anyone be around me when they could be around you?
7. Don't tell me that I need to "do the right thing" when you haven't talked to me since September you fake ass person.
8. I really want to ask if you still sometimes think of me in 'that way'. But I know it will be weird for you if I ask, and really it's none of my business and will do us no good.
9. Please don't ask me out, it'd be really weird.
10. Are you who everyone says you are, or are you who YOU say you are? Or are they one in the same?
---I think it should go without saying (but I find that when I think that, I'm wrong. Most people need to be told) that if you know me, and you have questions about the "who..?" or "am I number...?" on this list...maybe you should...
ask me?
Or just guess and have it be fun/annoying/bother you late late at night. Here's a clue! None of them are Lady Gaga. Or Elmo. Or maybe Elmo's number 4. No no, number four is clearly a blue whale.

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