I just finished (for at least the third time) 'When Harry Met Sally' and all throughout it I'm thinking about love and how it's beautiful sure, but how...it's just love. I know that sounds horrible! I love love, I do! But these two people go in and out of it, until finally finding their soulmate at the end of the movie, and they had been there whole time! 

I know this is random. Truly, I do. It's just...it can wait. And please understand that this is a blog post specifically pertaining to my life. I'm not saying that love isn't the focus of everything or that dating is wrong or some weird random misinterpretation that you could get from this. This is for me, and what I've been thinking about lately. For so long I was so "in love" (but not really. but ish) that now I'm ready to not. I've finally started seeing that what I was holding onto was me refusing God's will, refusing to be faithful. I found what I thought I wanted and didn't trust Him enough to let go. 


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